Landscaping On Top Of Your Home’s Septic System’s Components

Just as you should care for your home's septic system by watching what you put down into it and pumping it out regularly, so too should you care for it by watching what you plant on top of its various components. This is very important, because if you place items that are too heavy or the wrong type of vegetation on top of a septic system's components, then you can severely damage their structures or their ability to correctly function. Read More 

Three Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Septic System Everyday

Because the septic system is largely unseen each day, it's not unnatural that it wouldn't be a topic that your family discusses regularly. Perhaps that's the reason that you could be doing some damaging things which could over time affect pipes, drains and the entire system. Take a look at these three common ways you could be making trouble. 1. You're Cleaning with Anti-Bacterials and Bleach Cleaning the home is a regular task in many households. Read More